Pera Peris – House of History – Your medieval wholesaler and retailer.

For more than 20 years Pera Peris is a producer, wholesaler and retailer of medieval, LARP and re-enactment products and known as a reliable partner for distributors and resellers in living history.
Just have a look to our high-quality museum replicas and period stuff. We offer a wide range of medieval jewelry as well replicas of the time of the Vikings, Celts and Romans, designed and supplied by Pera Peris – House of History, your wholesale and retail for museum replicas, living history, Larp and medieval re-enactment on
Just browse trough the following sites and get inspired by the beauty of history…



Besucht uns doch einmal im Mittelaltershop von Pera Peris - Haus der Historie! Wiederverkäufer für Larp, Mittelalter, Reenactment und Museumsrepliken sind gerne eigeladen sich in unserem Mittelalter-Großhandel als Reseller anzumelden.

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