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  • Hand forged casket handle

    11,76 €*

  • Forged buckle / Hammer Marks - for 3 cm

    4,19 €*

  • Sword chape from Hedeby - silver plated

    26,88 €*

  • Casket Handle

    11,76 €*

  • Ukrainian Falcon Set

    37,81 €*

  • Viking coin replica - front side

    1,67 €*

  • Bone slab for knife crafting

    2,09 €*

  • Forged buckle / Trapezoid - for 4.5 cm

    5,87 €*

Welcome to the medieval shop of Pera Peris - Take a piece of history home!

Your online shop for Viking and medieval re-enactment, museum replicas and LARP.

In our medieval shop you can buy not only detailed museum replicas and authentic Viking brooches or historical jewellery, but also medieval camp equipment and replicas of Viking knives, bags, pouches and sword holders for an authentic outfit in LARP, Viking and medieval re-enactment. Historical leather belts and belt crafting supplies as well as stylish replicas of medieval buttons, brooches and dress fasteners complete our extensive medieval assortment. Pera Peris - House of History. Your Medieval Shop for best quality at short delivery times!

Retailers for LARP or medieval re-enactment are welcome to register for our medieval wholesale store.

Resellers of LARP, Medieval and Viking Re-enactment or historic museum Replicas are welcome to register at Pera Peris wholesale online shop.

About the medieval shop of Pera Peris - House of History

Here you can find the right medieval supplies for your historical outfit

In our medieval shop you can buy the right accessories for your Viking or medieval representation for the next medieval market, Viking camp or LARP event.
Simply browse through our online shop, go through the individual categories, immerse yourself in the magical world of the Middle Ages and be inspired by our historical products.

Even if life in the Middle Ages wasn't really like what we see at a medieval market today, the study of history gives you an idea of what it might have felt like to have lived as a fierce Viking warrior or medieval princess, as a knight on horseback or as a dashing barmaid.

With the right medieval garb and authentic equipment, a visit to the next historical activity is twice as much fun, whether it's a medieval market, a Viking camp or a LARP convention.
All the more so when the medieval items are not just historical interpretations, but correct and authentic replicas for a true-to-detail re-enactment.

Just buy a little piece of history - so you are well-prepared for your appearance at the next museum festival with a historical article from the medieval shop of Pera Peris.

What exactly can you buy in the Pera Peris medieval online shop?

In addition to many reenactment articles from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, you will also find authentic museum replicas and detailed reproductions of articles from the time of the Celts and Romans, Germanic tribes and Vikings through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Belts and belt accessories

If you want to buy authentic replicas of buckles, strap ends or belt fittings for your medieval or Viking reenactment, then take a look at the belt accessories category, where you will find high-quality bronze replicas as well as inexpensive products made of zinc casting.

Fine jewellery
Detailed Viking or medieval jewellery, such as pendants, amulets, Viking beads and chains made of bronze and silver-plated, as well as historically accurate replicas of garment clasps such as brooches and brooches can be found in the Jewellery category.
You can also buy a very nice collection of medieval finger rings and earrings as well as historical bracelets and torques inspired by medieval models.

Robe hooks
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a nice selection of decorative buttons, cloak clasps, robe hooks or dress fastener for your robe, you will find them in the category equipment. You can also buy replicas of Viking leg-wrap hooks made of bronze or silver-plated.

Medieval knives

Do you already have a medieval or Viking knife? You're sure to find one in the knives' category. You will also find Iron Age knives forged by hand from a single piece.

Knife blades

Even forged knife blades made of high quality carbon steel or real damascus steel and useful knife making accessories you can buy and build yourself an authentic medieval knife - also damascus blades for the Sax of the Vikings are in stock.

Knife-making accessories
You can also buy complete knife kits with medieval knife blades and handle material, including leather for the scabbard, which make it easy to make your own knife. We even offer authentic replicas of scabbard fittings and bronze lanyards in our medieval shop.

Leather goods
Where to put all the odds and ends you carry with you? A practical leather purse for your belt or a simple leather bag will complete the picture of your medieval equipment, which you can find in the category bags. Leather accessories such as stylish smartphone cases, leather wallets, tobacco bags and round leather cases complete our range.

Medieval belts

By the way, you will find the matching medieval belt or Viking belt in the category belts, made of high-quality cowhide and also available in extra-long versions with authentic reproductions of historical buckles and fittings.
Here you can also buy solid leather belts for everyday use and of course we also have a wide selection of beautiful bodices that are equally suitable for LARP, Steampunk and the Middle Ages.

Hand-forged items

Forged camp equipment for the next LARP event, medieval festival or Viking camp, on the other hand, can be found under Hardware, where you can buy useful kitchen hooks and medieval cutlery, as well as iron roast forks and a wide selection of medieval hinges and Viking chest locks.

In the category Light and Fire you will find various fire steels, made true to detail according to historical models, as well as the matching flint and tinder, and other articles for atmospheric lighting with candles or pine shavings for sleeping in your tent.

Horn ware

Finally,  you can also buy proper drinking horns in various sizes. You can also get matching drinking horn holders made of leather in various sizes or drinking horn stands made of iron. You will also find practical horn cups and powerful bugles for signalling.

Weapon holder
As a warrior or Amazon, you can't do without a weapon at your side. Do you already own a high-quality leather frog or weapon holder?
In addition to simple and elaborate sword holders made of leather, we also offer complete sword hangers and even rapier bandoliers for show swords and LARP padded weapons made of latex, which you can buy in our online shop in the sword holder category.

Needle and thread
And so, that things don't get boring at the next Viking camp, you can buy sewing needles and needle binding needles as well as weaving boards made of wood, horn and bone for the historically correct pastime in the Needle and Thread category, along with replica of medieval and Viking scissors or Viking scissors.
We even have authentic replicas of needle boxes of the Viking Age in our range.

Just browse through the category Everything at a Glance in our online shop - there you can get a quick overview of all the items available at Pera Peris, whether bags, belts, knives, jewellery, camp equipment or medieval accessories.

We are convinced that you will find the right product for your historical hobby in the medieval shop of Pera Peris - The House of History.

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