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In our reenactment webshop you can buy a wide range of historical reproductions, from replicas of artefacts from the Celtic and Roman periods to authentic replicas based on finds from the Germanic Iron Age, the Viking Age and the Middle Ages.
In addition to forged camp supplies and many historical accessories, you will also find a wide range of historical jewellery in our reenactment shop.
You can also buy high-quality leather belts and replicas of buckles, fittings and strap ends. Bags, pouches, knives and blades from various eras round off our range. You are sure to find the right items for your re-enactment in our online shop.
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Retailers for LARP or medieval re-enactment are welcome to register for our medieval wholesale store.

Dealers for museum supplies, medieval and Viking re-enactment or LARP are cordially invited to register as retailer for wholesale in Pera Peri's medieval shop. We guarantee the best quality at good prices with short delivery times!
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Aristotle and Phyllis - silver
Aristoteles und Phyllis 16,80 €*
Not available
Celtic raven charm - bronze
Celtic Raven Charm 5,03 €*
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Roman dove fibula replica - bronze
Roman bird brooch 18,48 €*
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Merovingian bird brooch - bronze
Frankish Bird Brooch 15,12 €*
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Situla pendant - bronze
Situla Bucket Pendant 10,08 €*
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Germanic crossbow brooch - bronze
Germanic Crossbow Brooch 13,44 €*
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Viking scabbard suspension - bronze
Viking Age Sax Suspension 21,00 €*
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Hiddensee cross - silber
Hiddensee-Cross - small 10,08 €*
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Bolster for Viking knives
Viking Knife Bolster 13,44 €*
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Viking raven arm ring - silver
Viking Raven Arm Ring 31,92 €*
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Viking cup from Lejre
Viking Cup "Lejre" 67,22 €*
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Roman swastika brooch - silver-plated
Roman Swastika Brooch 18,48 €*
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Celtic birdlip brooch - silver
Celtic Birdlip Brooch 15,12 €*
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Omega brooch replica - silver
Small Roman Omega Brooch 16,80 €*
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Bronze Age spiral fibula replica
Bronze Age Fibula 8,40 €*
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Spindle stick of the Middle Ages
Medieval spindle stick 6,71 €*
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Viking sax strap fitting
Viking Sax Strap Fitting 11,76 €*
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Viking dress pin made from bone
Viking Dress Pin of Bone 13,44 €*
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Bone ring
Ring of bone - small 5,03 €*
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Bone ring
Ring of bone - small 2,51 €*
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Kids blowing horn of real horn
Large Kids Blowing Horn 16,80 €*
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Medieval brass wire ring
Twisted brass wire ring 2,51 €*
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Viking bone lucet replica
Viking Lucet - Bone 8,40 €*
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Medieval horn lucet
Medieval Lucet - Horn 11,76 €*
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Viking age rigid heddle loom
Viking Rigid Heddle Loom 23,52 €*
Not available
Medieval rigid heddle loom
Medieval Rigid Heddle Loom 18,48 €*
Not available
Wooden weaving shuttle
Wooden Weaving Shuttle 6,71 €*
Not available
Bone dice without eyes as token
Bone cube / token 2,09 €*
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Tradittional wooden lucet
Traditional Lucet - Wood 10,08 €*
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Viking bear tooth amulet - bronze
Viking Bear Tooth Pendant 14,28 €*
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Hand-forged medieval cutlery spoon
Besteck-Löffel "Grimald" 11,76 €*
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Hand-forged medieval cutlery fork
Besteck-Gabel "Grimald" 11,76 €*
Not available
Hand-forged medieval cutlery knife
Besteck-Messer "Grimald" 11,76 €*
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Hand-forged Germanic knife
Large Iron Age Knife 29,40 €*
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Hand-forged meat skewer
Medieval Meat Skewer 29,40 €*
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Hand-forged chest hinge set
Viking chest hinge - set 29,40 €*
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Medieval ringing bell of iron
Forged Medieval Bell 18,48 €*
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Hand-forged bottle opener
Curved bottle opener 8,40 €*
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Claddagh-Ring - bronze
Claddagh ring 16,80 €*
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Bolster for knives with Celtic motif
Celtic Knife Bolster 10,00 €*
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Brooch Cŵn Annwn - real silver-plated
Celtic Brooch "Cwn Annwn" 12,60 €*
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Medieval headscarf pin replica
Medieval polyhedron pin 4,19 €*
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Medieval scissors with sheath
Medieval Garden Scissors 23,52 €*
Not available
Hand-forged medieval scissors
Rustic Sewing Scissors 11,76 €*
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