Important information about the product liability of Pera Peris

General product information

The Products marketed by the Pera Peris company are mainly produced by hand. This can lead to certain variations in size and shape of the respective products within one or more batches, but this is not a loss in quality and should be seen as customary for handmade articles. A complaint claim does not arise from this.

Product information for Horn articles

The drinking vessels of Horn, such as hornbeakers and drinking horns marketed by Pera Peris, are sealed in the interior with a protective lacquer according to the European standard (REACH) suitable for foodstuffs and according to the German Ordinance on Foodstuffs (EN-71-3 / LFGB).

Product information for items from Zamak

According to the manufacturer, the Zamak cast article, marketed by Pera Peris, has a nickel emission of less than 0.5 μG / CM2 / WECHE and is thus in line with the requirements of the Ordinance on Supplies and the EU Directive 2004/96 / EC as well as Din 1811: 2011-05.

Product information for bronze and brass articles

The items offered by Pera Peris made of bronze and brass have a nickel content of only about 0.2% according to the test report of 12.9.2013.
Regular tests with a commercially available nickel test did not show any detection of nickel in the articles of bronze and brass marketed by Pera Peris.

Product information for forged articles 

The articles of steel and iron marketed by pera Peris are cooled after forging in vegetable or mineral oil. This leaves a black scale layer, which protects the underlying material from moisture and rust.
If used on clothing, the scale may eventually rub off on the underlying material. When used in food, it must be taken into account that the scale layer may be dissolved and then transferred to the food.

Exclusion of liability for leather goods

The leather used for the products of Pera Peris corresponds to PCP content and AZO dyestuffs in the Chemicals Ordinance section 15v. 11-10-93 or the 4. Verordnung zur Änderung der Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung v. 20.0795 der BRD.
Regardless of this, in the case of leather goods, it is in principle possible for leather to stain an underlying surface or cloth, in particular dark leather on a light background, e.g. Black bodice on white blouse. This effect can occur especially in the moist state, after rain or by sweating, and it is to be expected that the color can not be removed from the cloth again.
Especially dyed leather cords always color somewhat at the beginning, this must be accepted.
The use of leather products is therefore at your own risk, a product liability or replacement for discolored clothes is not accepted.
Leather is produced by a tanning process using a number of chemicals. We therefore advise against taking leather into the mouth and, especially in the case of small children, to ensure that they do not chew on leather.

Disclaimer for small parts

Since children under three years of age have the habit of putting things in their mouths, we expressly point out that all products from our range are not suitable for children under three years of age. This applies in particular to all small parts, such as clamps and straps, which can easily be swallowed. Pera Peris accepts no liability for this.

Disclaimer in the area of food hygiene

In the case of articles for use with foodstuffs, the products marketed by Pera Peris are, as far as nothing else has been made clear, generally historic props, which are manufactured in small numbers and therefore does not have no certification under food law. Therefore, we are obliged to advertise: Props - not certified for contact with food.

Exclusion of liability for cutlery and show weapons

The company Pera Peris (Peer Carstens) does not accept any product liability according to the German or European Product Liability Act concerning the blade breakage of knives, swords, spears or similar products, as well as their consequences for persons and objects.

For all materials and production safety precautions, a 100% guarantee can not be given against the possible breaking of knife and sword blades as each blade may break under certain circumstances.
As a seller we have unfortunately no influence on a proper use of swords, knives and similar objects.

In the case of a proven material defect, such as a hardening crack or too high blade hardness, Pera Peris will, of course, replace the article without delay. Notches made in normal use are not part of any guarantee.
The loosening of the handle or guard bar can often not be completely avoided in the course of  normal use.

We expressly emphasize: The use of knives, swords, spears and axes from our assortment is at your own risk.

To prevent a possible blade breakage, we recommend the following:
- Do not hit sharp blades against hard surfaces
- Avoid cutting edge to cutting edge contact to preserve the blade.
- If the sword blade has been notched, file the notch out as soon as possible.

When using axes, it is possible that the wooden handle may break in use, which is not to be excluded with a natural material. Pera Peris does not accept any guarantee or product liability under German or European product liability laws. The use of axes is at your own risk. The same is true for throwing axes, where one must always reckon with possible damage.

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